Usher Vs. Michael Jackson – Robot Dance Moves

Posted in Michael Jackson dance | July 10th, 2009

I Love The Way Usher Dances But Ahh Michael Jackson Cant Dance..

Duration : 0:1:3

[youtube Cg-o7t93-iE]

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25 Responses to “Usher Vs. Michael Jackson – Robot Dance Moves”

  1. BB5presents Says:

    m.j are the king
    m.j are the king

  2. ahhgirl67 Says:

    Wtf you mean …
    Wtf you mean Usher’s better than MJ?! If it wasn’t for MJ, Usher would probably been a broke greater at Wall Mart or some like that, he has said it himself you little . MJ invented those ing moves.

  3. wvillaroman Says:

    You are great Mr. …
    You are great Mr. Usher, but you are dancing with a legend… you are dancing with the godfather!

  4. yunggeek24 Says:

    i noe i aint blind …
    i noe i aint blind but does dat description say michael cant dance lol what a joke. the person that put that there must have never sen him dance usher can dance too now michael will kill usher in robot dancing {my opinion}

  5. far200 Says:

    michael jackson is …
    michael jackson is the beshh

  6. Cenourin Says:

    Something I wouldn’t ever, ever, EVER! understand… Why he just has to die

  7. PanDania Says:

    Michael always wins …
    Michael always wins!! He’s already in his 40′s and his dances are so smooth…. RIP The King MJ!

  8. apknugget17 Says:

    is that when he …
    is that when he died?

  9. gundokidl11 Says:

    NOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO usher is not nearly as smooth as michael! hands down! lol…. im going to disneyland in like two weeks! yayyyyy meee!

  10. lil5hit Says:

    lol chris tucker’s …
    lol chris tucker’s the best haha

  11. pechede Says:

    woow usher great!!. …
    woow usher great!!.. and michael also!!

  12. kschung15 Says:

    this vid was posted …
    this vid was posted 2 years ago…
    mj crushes any of the pop singers today. that’s just a given fact, but i bet the person who posted it feels a fool in light of recent events.

  13. MRSKUXx Says:

    Michael Jackson …
    Michael Jackson definitely paved the way for Usher, I don’t think Usher himself would agree with you putting M.J down. M.J perfected the art of dance

  14. zakksgirl1 Says:

    are you kidding me. …
    are you kidding me…MJ invinted the dance moves that usher was doing, he is the reason that people like usher had the careers that they had. saying that he cant dance is just plain ignorant, he is a legend!
    rip. MJ you will be missed!

  15. paanga90 Says:

    yo, can anybody …
    yo, can anybody tell me when this happened.. please and thnks… peace! R.I.P. mj

  16. RickGabeSound Says:

    The Wrong LEG CHRIS …
    The Wrong LEG CHRIS!!! NOT THE Wrong LEG!!!! I’ll never forget this moment!!! MJ Forever!!

  17. Ireloaded3 Says:

    This is why i love …
    This is why i love MJ. He always wanted to help up and coming artiste and people in general.

    Usher really was not that great but MJ still wanted him to get accolades.

    RIP dear King of Pop.

  18. bichifiero Says:

    Saying that MJ …
    Saying that MJ can’t dance is just stupid!!!… There are millions of videos that proves it, MJ IS (still) the best dancer ever… Saying that is just envy, is saying stupid just because your are jealous

  19. pinnaplelion23245 Says:

    wat get it right …
    wat get it right how dare u say michale cant dance ray charles could see that dont gett it twisted

  20. jlpizzle21 Says:

    Neither usher nor …
    Neither usher nor anyone else could ever begin to fathom the beauty of mj, shown not only in his skills as an entertainer, but as a human being period. Usher is known here, and in other LARGE countries, but michael jackson is known EVERYWHERE!

  21. Crimmyboy Says:

    Ugh, bad call …
    Ugh, bad call saying MJ can’t dance. He has an unorthodox way of dancing… but I can’t believe you said that.

  22. wil9413 Says:

    did you say michael …
    did you say michael can’t dance? u are so wrong! usher and people around the world learned those moves from michael jackson…do some research and learn some history of music please

  23. BB4liffe Says:

    BTW as I was …
    BTW as I was watching d rest of vid.MJ was such a cutie pie lol,such a genuine personality, a manchild if u will,how he covers his face when he’s shy is such a beautiful person in n out.There will never be another Michael Joseph Jackson mark my words.Always impersonated but never duplicated that’s our Michael Jackson.RIP MJ!

  24. BB4liffe Says:

    Damn Mike owned …
    Mike owned Usher at 0:34 sec mark nasty style lol.Usher was like ohh oh I can’t do that.Regardless of d outcome Usher idolized Mike as he was growing up all those moves he did was cuz of Mike being the innovator.Loved Usher’s performance at MJ’s funeral that was so touching tho as we could tell Usher really idolized Mike n loved him deeply.

  25. commanderchaos123 Says:

    njgypsy u cant …
    njgypsy u cant dance either what do u call wat michael did? its called a dance he danced u cant

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